@      Stake.com enters into legal battle with Stake in Australia

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Stake.com enters into legal battle with Stake in Australia

Stake, an Australian-based digital investment and trading platform, has filed a lawsuit against Stake.com for consumer protection and copyright infringement issues for operations in Australia.

The lawsuit would prevent Stake.com from marketing under the brand name in Australia as it plans to expand into the country, seeing as the two companies would be operating under the same name.

Stakeshop Pty, otherwise known as Stake, filed the consumer protection order on 11 August with the New South Wales Registry as part of the Federal Court of Australia.

So far, the original application, supporting statement and the applicant’s genuine steps statement has been submitted to the courts.

The last of which will be used to show the steps taken between the two parties to resolve the matter before it was taken to court.

At the time of writing, no further motions have been filed by Stake,Online Casino Games nor has Stake.com responded at all to the matter.

Stake.com, which is described as an Australian-Curaçaoan online casino, is powered by cryptocurrency transactions on its platform.

Founded by Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani, the company has seen its fair share of legal drama long before this Australian consumer protection motion.

Last year, Stake.com was hit with a $400m lawsuit from a business partner of one of the co-founders.

The lawsuit claimed that the business partner had been unfairly removed from the company and denied a fair amount of pay.

During this previous lawsuit, a spokesman for Stake.com said: “This filing is a desperate attempt to spread false information and extort money over which [the applicant] has no claim.

“The company does not intend to give in to this sort of blackmail, and are confident that these utterly frivolous allegations will be dismissed by the court in due course.”

Back in the relative stability of Europe, Stake.com recently announced it would continue as the official partner of the European Cricket Championship.