@      MGA cancels authorisation awarded to Super7plus

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MGA cancels authorisation awarded to Super7plus

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has decided to cancel the licence awarded to Super7plus, effective as of 17 January 2024. 

Following on from the foregoing decision, there are several points set out by the MGA which must be followed. 

Firstly, all gaming operations must be suspended immediately and no new players can be registered in terms of its Authorisation.

This is provided that Super7plsus shall enable existing players to access their accounts to request the withdrawal of any outstanding balances. 

It must also settle all outstanding fees that are due to the Authority within five days from the effective date, while within seven days from the effective date, Super7plus must submit to the Authority a transaction report; along with supporting bank statements that show all player funds have been duly remitted to the registered players. 

Any reference to the Authority and the authorisation must also be removed with immediate effect. 

The MGA has said the decision is subject to appeal in terms of Article 43 (1) of the Act. 

This follows on from the news the other week when the MGA suspended authorisation for another operator,Online Casino Games for Real Money Rush Gaming, which was similarly required to refund players any funds owed. 

In other legal & regulatory news today, operator SportChamps based in Sydney has been fined AU$17,500 (US$11,481) for breaching gambling advertising laws.