@      Internet Vikings expands into Kentucky and North Carolina

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Internet Vikings expands into Kentucky and North Carolina

IGaming hosting provider Internet Vikings has expanded its presence via North Carolina and Kentucky, two of the 34 states that have legalised online sports betting.

Rickard Vikström, Founder and CEO of Internet Vikings, said: "We recognised the tremendous potential in these states early on.

"Moreover, our expansion here is a testament to our dedication to ensuring there is all the necessary infrastructure in place needed for the operators to establish their services once they decide to enter the newly launched markets.”

North Carolina legalised sports betting last month, while Kentucky recently passed a measure legalising it. Both states intend to begin offering sports betting online in September 2023.

Some companies in both states have already agreed to partner with Internet Vikings.

Kristoffer Ottosson, Internet Vikings COO,Play Casino Online said: "Our presence in every destination of interest to the online sports betting industry is of great importance to us, ensuring our clients' uninterrupted growth.”

Meanwhile, Internet Vikings had previously announced that it would expand its US footprint in May by expanding into Wyoming and Maine. 

Since the beginning of 2021, Internet Vikings has been growing its market share in the US iGaming and sports betting industries.

Launches are scheduled in Wyoming and Maine later this year.

It should be noted that this year, Internet Vikings has already signed agreements with a number of other companies, including Oddsworks and Crab Sports.

Vikström said: “Extending our operations and continuing to deliver value to end-user customers is a top priority for us."